July 5, 2010

New website!

After a long unavoidable delay, a big huge oops and a little tweaking, I'm happy (and relieved) to announce that we have a fresh new website for Pass It On Plates.

The new website address has changed from www.passitonplates.com to www.pass-it-on-plates.com

I deeply apologize to anyone with a Pass It On Plate who hasn't been able to find our website over the past month. I didn't mean for you to be left out in the cold. Yes, your plate does say www.passitonplates.com on the back of it. Please rest assured that your plate diary is still there.

If you have a plate with our old website address on it, and you want your plate to have the correct website written on it, there is a pretty easy solution. Please email me at passitonplates@gmail.com and I'll get you fixed up.

I supposed you are wondering what is happening with our little plate painting studio to cause such a big change. After all, sending out lots of plates with a website written on it just before changing the website address is pretty silly thing to do. I will let you in on what's been going on.

First: the long unavoidable delay. This spring someone in my immediate family was diagnosed with cancer and my time was consumed with doctor appointments, working long weird hours at the day job to make up for time missed (from the doctor appointments), and trying to keep family life as normal as possible. I'm sure everyone will turn out just fine in the end, but it's going to be about a year before the cancer treatment is complete.

The big oops is that while my mind and time was consumed with family and health matters, my domain expired. The domain is the www.passitonplates.com. The day I donated 4 plates to our local Relay For Life event was the day I realized the website was down. Unfortunately, a quick $12 renewal payment didn't fix the problem. I had been expired just long enough that there was an additional $270 in extra fees... that are beyond my studio's modest budget.

I had to decide if it would be worth it to pay the $270 in fees to keep my domain name or spend $10 with Google to buy a new, slightly different name, and then fix the plates that want to be fixed. The plate fix is simple, so I opted for the $10 new name.

A little tweaking, a new name, a pretty face-lift, and the site is up and running again.
Please bookmark our new website name: www.pass-it-on-plates.com and please visit often to see where our plates have been and what goodies they have carried.