June 24, 2009

Plate Diary Dollars for May 2009

I have been posting these on our Plate Diary page, but decided you may be missing some of these updates. I'm so excited about how this has been going that I just have to share our good news about Plate Diary Dollars. Here is May's report. For the previous months, you can check them out in our Plate Diaries page.

In May 2009, where there were 6 Plate Diary comments. Pass It On Plates donated $1 per comment to FeedingAmerica.org

This $6 donation was matched by Kraft Foods and provided 192 bowls of food to hungry people in the US. That's amazing!

Let's keep those plates moving and see how much more we can donate for June.

Remember, there's no charge for you give a Pass It On Plate to anyone, and you will not be asked to pay anything or donate any money.


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June 22, 2009

Signature Plates

Many times, when chatting with my friends about Pass It On Plates, they ask, "Why don't you just have people take the plate to a birthday party, have all the guests use the ceramic paint pen to sign the plate, and then guest of honor keeps the plate? Like an autograph platter?"

First Love Wedding Signature Platter Signed - Solange and Carlos, originally uploaded by SerendipityCrafts.

That's a great idea, and anyone could do that with a Pass It On Plate if they wanted to, although with the tracking number on the back of our plates it's fun to pass them along and see where they end up.

If you like the guest book on a plate concept, where people sign their names on a plate or platter , then give it to someone as a gift that they can keep, you might be happy to know there are other plates available that are designed specifically for this purpose. An example is Serendipity Crafts.

Serendipity makes over 75 different plates for various occasions. Want a plate for a birthday, graduation, anniversary, baby shower, wedding, bridal shower, vacation, hostess gift, soccer coach, favorite teacher, etc? They've got it.

You can even send them a photo and they'll paint the image onto a plate.
Click here to see the reference photo for this platter, and click here to see a closeup of the portrait.

Neat stuff. Take a look: http://www.serendipity-crafts.com/

Photos used from http://serendipitycrafts.blogspot.com/ with permission.

June 15, 2009


Gingham with Thanks tiles, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

Can you see the iced apple fritters under the cover? For some reason, I always think of apple-based treats when coming up with baking ideas as a think you gift. Maybe because we had wild apple trees on the back 40 on the farm where I grew up and Mom would make the most amazing apple spice cake from them, then give the cake away as a thank you gift.

Anyway, I'm carrying on the tradition this year. Today's the last day of school (how odd that it's on a Monday, but with all the snow days they have to make up, that's how it worked out.)

I'll be putting apple-based treats under this gingham cover with the T-H-A-N-K-S tiles, and giving it away to one of the teachers at my daughter's school.
...As an end of the year Thank You gift to one of her teachers.
(I'll post a link to the plate diary here when I add my comment.)

Apples... school... thank you gift...
I guess apples are doubly appropriate here, aren't they?

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June 8, 2009

Blue Plate Special...

Isn't this a pretty color combination?

When setting up for the art show in Lincoln City, my hubby was helping to set up plates with treats. He asked what plates go with which PlateWraps and I said,
"You can just pick and choose. Whatever you think looks good is fine with me."
This was one of his color selections.

Not too long afterwards, a lady stopped by and wanted to buy this. The whole thing, muffins and all. She didn't care that it was a display, she wanted it.

The muffins are long gone, but this plate is now circulating back and forth between two cafe owners on the Oregon coast. Their Plate Diary comments are here: 200705300001

...They never mention what cafes they own or what town(s) they're in. If they'd just give a little hint, I'd make the road trip over there in a heartbeat just to stop in and say hi.
(And have lunch, of course!)

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June 1, 2009

Buy One Get One Free

Whoo Hoo! June is here!
Whew, after last winter I think we really earned a great summer this year.

What better way to kick it off by having a storewide Buy One Get One Free sale?

Buy anything in our online shop and we'll send you a second item free.

Just use coupon code JUN2009 and let us know your preference when you place your order.

All items in our shop are included in this sale. The second (free) item must be equal or lesser value to the item purchased. Offer good for all purchases made between 12:01am PST June 1, 2009 through 11:39pm PST on June 30, 2009.

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