August 24, 2008

OMGoodness! Another award!

Warning. This is a really long post. I'm sorry.
I tried to keep it brief, I really did.

My good friend Laurie B of Laurie Beggin Glass Musings is not afraid to admit that she reads this blog. In fact, she is bold enough to tell others that she likes it. Today, (you might want to sit down for this one) I read that she bestowed the Brillante Weblog award to me for all my unsolicited advice and restrained craziness. (I'll tell you all about the rocks later.)

Anyway, besides admiring her bravery, I am deeply honored with the compliment and promise to continue doing what I have been doing. Thank you, Laurie, for the award. It means a lot to me to be recognized this way.

While I was writing this humble thanks, my email thingie popped up with a new message. (Yes, "thingie" is a technical computer term.) Lo and behold, a brand-new friend, Denise, honored me with the same award. I am just starting to get to know Denise, but love her painted furniture. Have you seen it? You must hop over there and check it out.

I feel like I'm double-dipping in the treat jar!

Ok, so the assignment is to give away the award to seven brilliante bloggers. Oh wait. I have to come up with 14? I think I will do my best to send some much deserved recognition to a large handful bloggers that I read religiously in my Google Reader. I don't comment often, or at all on many of these blogs, but I feel like these talented people are old friends. I hope they're not too freaked out when I pass the award on to them!

~* Auroras Garden *~
I absolutely love Libby's blog. Her attitude is infectious, I love her projects (you have to see her ACEO with her daughter Maylee, OMG it's so cute!) and she shows you her projects like soap making and various sewing projects. Libby, don't take this the wrong way, but I appreciate that you took the pictures without first trying to clean up the soap glob mess on your stove. Seeing that made me feel good about the creative process and I decided to dig in to some projects I had been afraid to start. Of course, like your soap, mine were a success.

Albina Rose
Have you ever seen crocheted wire? Oh, you must. I met Sylvie through the Considerations - The Art In Marketing group on Ning. (There's a link near the bottom of my sidebar.) Her contributions to the group are one of the first things I look for when I log in because I know I'm going to learn more of her business savvy. She also makes the most breathtaking items. Please check her out and ooh and aah over her crocheted wrist cuffs.

a muted palette
Diana is creepy and I mean that in a good way. I met Diana at the same place and same time as Sylvie. Her art has a dark edgy feel to it that constantly reminds me of my favorite holiday, Halloween. While at Considerations she has raised thoughtful questions that pointed me in the right direction with my business. Right now her blogging is slowing down as she goes into high nesting mode in preparation for baby #3, but please take a look.

*Deaf Chef at Large*
Confession time. I read this blog and comment on the posts all the time. My new post alerts aren't from Google Reader, though. This blogger pokes his head in the bathroom when I'm showering or brushing my teeth and asks, "You see my post?" Of course, I could be biased, especially since I've eaten most every recipe he posts. Take a look and you'll get a glimpse into my kitchen, pantry, gadget storage shelves, and bookshelves. Please pardon his grammar, though. English is his second language, after American Sign Language, and his syntax follows the sign language rules.

The Wishing Star
She may not have a huge number of posts, but her pencil pouches are darned cute. My nonconformist, soon-to-be-7th-grader has told me time and again that she needs (not wants but needs) one of the Jolly Roger pouches. Take a peek!

Craft Yourself Rich
Cara is crafting herself rich and sharing all her tips and resources along the way. She gets into the nitty gritty details, such as approaching a retail store to carry your work, packaging, trade shows, pricing, etc. In between this business related brain expansion, she's got photos of her trips to Central America, sewing-related posts, a gocco experiment, and lots and lots of other fun stuff. She doesn't know it (because I pounce on her posts via my reader) but I look up to her with starry eyes and hang on every word.
P.S. Cara translates "rich" as having a "big fabric stash." Oh yeah. I can relate.

W.O.W! Are You Ready To Get Noticed
Alicia is a talented jewelry artist AND a savvy marketing pro. If you are selling anything or working hard to make your blog a success, you must read her blog. She explains a marketing tip and includes questions or exercises to get you thinking about how you can make the marketing tip work for you. Please check out her blog and book mark it so you don't miss a single post.

Lisa C Writes
Lisa is funny, sweet, sexy, maternal, and she blogs about some great products to try. I first discovered her when she had a Preserve toothbrush giveaway. (Made from recycled plastic yogurt containers. No, don't say Yuck! They're fantastic and are curved to fit in your mouth just right.) I was so surprised when she told me I won! Unfortunately, my darling daughter stole the toothbrush from me and so now I need to buy another one. But about Lisa C, I'd rather read her blog any day over womens' magazines. She's much more real. Go check her out - and wish her well during her move to a new home.

Stronger Than Dirt
Funny story here. A search on Flickr for my hometown, Moquah, WI brought me to her flickr page. During a nostalgic visit through her pictures I saw a lady who looked an awful lot like my Aunt Elsie. Amazingly, this lady happened to be the photographer's Aunt Elsie. Hey, wait - that's MY Aunt Elsie! Turns out we are somehow related by Elsie's marriage to a guy named John, although I don't think we ever knew each other in person. Hmm, I never did ask her what school she graduated from, though. Anyway, we became Flickr friends and then I checked out her blog.
She's a hoot! I giggle until I snort every time I read stuff like her post about Aunt Rose at the Rose Garden. Check her out - if not for her warped but pointed sense of humor, at least to get a glimpse of the crazy town where I grew up (where logic is often on vacation, elsewhere.)

She is so creative with polymer clay (check out her Mokume Gane from early July - wow!) shares photos of her swaps and altered clothing, garage sale finds, Halloween projects, craft challenges... Her writing style is very down to earth and I feel like we're two girlfriends hanging out when I read her blog posts. Too bad she lives so far away from me or I'd hang out with her in person every day.

by One Pretty Thing
Rachel scours the web for interesting DIY projects. I must explain why I love her blog so darned much. My parents were born during the depression and live the values taught during that time. When I was growing up in the 70's, every time I said, "I want that," Mom would reply, "You can make that yourself." So now when I want to buy something cool, if I possess any skill whatsoever to make it, I can't get myself to buy it. Unfortunately, I have a lot of crafting and sewing skills, so you know what that means. Ok, so back to Rachel's blog. I have needed a zipper pouch for quite some time. Voila! She's got a great tutorial for it. I also really wanted to update my Halloween decor this year and wasn't sure where to start. Et voila! She's not only got a few great tutorials, but an ENTIRE SERIES FOR HALLOWEEN TUTORIALS!! Go look!

Kelly Malouf's Blog
Kelly has recently been working through a list of 20 wishes she would like to see come true. She's been taking pictures along the way. Maybe you would like to make your own list of 20 wishes?

A World of Creativity
Ronalyn finds the most amazing artists and crafters and showcases them on her blog. My words cannot even begin to describe the creations she finds. Like the green teapot (a la Dr. Seuss?) or the art by Shayla Maddox. Just go and look. Try to keep your jaw from dropping wide open.

To the nominees here are the rules:
1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!
Tell 'em Pass It On Plates sent you!


  1. Congratulations,Pam, for being honored with the Brillante Weblog award; you deserve it.

    Thank you very much for, in turn, awarding it to me. I love writing about artists/crafters and introducing them to people who might otherwise never have a chance to see their wonderful creations. Knowing that you enjoy and appreciate what I do makes my day.

    A World of Creativity

  2. Awww, thanks SO much Pam! This totally made my day! Not only did you gift me with this award, but the link allowed me to find your gorgeous and inspiration-filled blog! Oh, and links to a bunch of additional new-to-me-blogs! My favorite gift! Thanks a million times over! And I'm SO glad you're enjoying the site. I'm having the best time putting it together and meeting other creative bloggers along the way!

  3. Oh, Pam! Congratulations on getting your award and a huge thank you for gifting me the same! I will reciprocate to 7 other great blogs! Thanks again.


  4. Congrats on your award! Thanks you so much for mine! Although being somewhat new to this I may need some help to reciprocate.

  5. WOW congrats and thanks a bunch for nominating me hmmm who will I pick!

  6. Thank you, Thank you, Pam!! Your words were so sweet and touching. It's good to know that others get something from what you have to give.

    I will pass this on to some special bloggers, thanks!!


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