April 27, 2009

How to feed up to 160 people

I'd like to take a minute today to clarify how the simple act of passing along a Pass It On Plate helps so many people across the US.

In our Plate Diary Dollars ™ program, we state that we pay up to $1.00 for every Plate Diary comment.

So exactly what does "up to $1.00" mean?

Pass It On Plates contributes 2% of the price of the plate to FeedingAmerica.org, for every valid* Plate Diary comment, up to 10%.

This means that for a $50 Complete Pass It On Plate, we contribute 2%, or $1.00, per plate diary comment. When this particular plate has 5 Plate Diary comments, Pass It On Plates will have contributed a total of 10% of that $50, or $5.

$50 x 2% = $1
This one plate, with 5 Plate Diary comments, helps to provide 160 bowls of food to hungry Americans.

The reason we say "up to" $1.00 is because some of our Complete Pass It On Plates are priced at $40.
This means $40 x 2% = $.80 per Plate Diary comment.

We also extend this program to anything we sell with a tracking number on it, so even a basic $10 Original Pass It On Plate helps to feed hungry Americans.

Every plate helps to feed hungry people as it passes from person to person.

* A valid Plate Diary comment is one pertaining to passing the plate on to another person, not something along the lines of "Visit my site," or "Thank you for the plate" (that's nice but doesn't show the plate is moving along). Multiple Plate Diary comments by the same person in the same time frame are also not valid. The bottom line is we need to see that the plate is moving from person to person.

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