April 14, 2007

Food Ideas for non-bakers & dieters

Don't bake?
Do you want to give the plate to your sister, but she'll kill you for breaking her diet?
Need to earn "brownie points" with someone?
Want your gift to really stand out?

Check out all these great, easy food ideas:
  • A dozen cookies from your favorite bakery (We won't tell; promise.)
  • A loaf of bakery banana bread, sliced on the plate
  • Three or four huge bakery cinnamon rolls
  • A loaf of bakery specialty bread
  • A deli tray or veggie tray - ask your local deli to load the plate for you. They'll have all the supplies to make it look ultra special. You can take the credit.
  • A fruit tray
  • A sandwich & chips
  • Dinner, to take home
  • Party leftovers
  • A Pot-Luck dinner offering
  • Microwaveable brownie in a bowl
  • For a neighbor who's not feeling well, how about some chicken noodle soup, some crackers, and some orange juice?

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