April 14, 2007

Non-Food Ideas

Do you want to send something non-perishable to someone far away?
Need gift ideas for an extremely particular person?
Unsure about someone's food preferences or food allergies?

Check out all these great Non-Food Ideas:
  • Grocery store gift card - how about one for a gourmet market instead of the usual supermarket?
  • Video rental gift card and microwave popcorn
  • Gift certificates to a favorite restaurant
  • An ultra-fuzzy pair of socks and some yummy foot lotion
  • A little manicure set with a couple bottles of pretty nail polish

1 comment:

  1. Here's another idea: We have a lovely year-round farm market called EZ Orchards near our neighborhood.

    Part of the market is fresh local produce, and part of the market is upscale food-related items and gifts. In the gift area you can find beautifully packaged muffin and fruit cobbler mixes. These can be put on a plate for your friend to mix up and bake on their own.

    I bet you could find other packaged gourmet dessert mixes to put on the plate. Yum.


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