February 28, 2008

New flavors

Three new fabrics are being made into PlateWraps this week, and I'm so excited.

Rachel picked out the zebra because it reminds her of her art teacher. We decided the only thing that could do justice to the back side was fuschia. This PlateWrap will be named "Wild Thing."

The second is a pretty mottled pink and yellow fabric with pink sunflowers stamped on it. Since I tend to buy fabrics I love, and then hoard them, this one has been sitting in the fabric cabinet for almost a year. Of course, it was purchased for the purpose of making PlateWraps, so a couple days ago it was cut into circles and is now graced on the backside with a lovely buttery yellow fabric. Perfect for Spring.

The third is a monochromatic purple swirly pattern that caught my eye. Rachel thought it would look great with a black band around the backside, but after sewing two I changed my mind to red. I love red and purple together. Besides, maybe some ladies in the Red Hat Society would like to have this color combination on their plate. Hint, hint, ladies.

Can't wait to finish these up and get them over to our shopping site, Etsy.
I'd love to know what you think of these colors.

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