February 28, 2008

News from July 2007

I'm so excited to announce that the construction crews have packed up and gone home. The entire Pass It On Plates website is complete!

It's taken years of work to get to this point. We started with that first plate left behind by mistake after a pot luck dinner to starting a business making and selling plates that are supposed to be left behind on purpose. Or passed on.

Psst! Pass It On Plates make re-gifting cool.

So... What's new to those who've been helping this process along?
Our Plate Diaries are set up in a Blog format. I really wanted to get these set up this way with RSS so people had a chance to keep an eye on their plates as they travel from place to place. I also knew this would be the best way to integrate an events calendar into the site. We really need a calendar to keep everyone up to speed on our upcoming fund-raisers, in-home Pass It On Plate parties, and our Plate Diary contests. We have a lot of fun planned!

And for those of you who know me personally, I really have a hard time keeping things serious and "Normal." I try to be normal, really I do, but I get bored and find the need to perk things up by adding a little of the unexpected into the ordinary. To this end, we are working to add a Monkey Alert to our Plate Diary blog. Any time the word Monkey is entered, an alert should pop up to let you know there's a monkey present. I though of tweaking this to be a cookie Alert, but I'm afraid most of the Plate Diaries will have alerts on them. That could get old.

Monkeys, on the other hand... not so hum-drum.

Meanwhile, if you want the current status of what we're up to with Pass It On Plates, please subscribe to the blog. Find the little orange RSS chicklet in the sidebar and click on it. (Mom, that would be the cute little orange square with a white rainbow drawn on it.)

So anyway, all parts of the site is finally up and running. Yay!


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