May 18, 2009

"Dinner's on me"

In our Plate Diary Dollars ™ program, we state that we contribute 2% of the price of the plate to, for every valid Plate Diary comment, up to 10%.

As you probably know, we extend this program to anything we sell with a tracking number on it. Take a look at our Original Pass It On Plate, which you can pick up for just $10 from our Etsy shop.

In this case, $10 x 2% = $.20 contributed per Plate Diary comment. We tally up all Plate Diary comments and make a charitable contribution at the end of every month. Yes, the money comes from us. All you need to do is make a valid Plate Diary comment* when you pass the plate to a friend

When this Original Pass It On Plate has a total of 5 Plate Diary comments, $1.00 has been contributed, which provides 32 bowls of food.

Let's do the math. If $1 is contributed for 5 Plate Diary comments, then 32 bowls divided by 5 comments is 6.4 bowls of food per Plate Diary comment.

Your simple act of passing the plate along
basically buys dinner for an entire American family!

So, are you hanging on to a Pass It On Plate?

Load it up and give it to a friend today - and be sure to let them know that you're buying dinner.

* A valid Plate Diary comment is one pertaining to passing the plate on to another person, not something along the lines of "Visit my site," or "Thank you for the plate" (that's nice but doesn't show the plate is moving along). Multiple Plate Diary comments by the same person in the same time frame are also not valid. The bottom line is we need to see that the plate is moving from person to person.

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