June 15, 2009


Gingham with Thanks tiles, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

Can you see the iced apple fritters under the cover? For some reason, I always think of apple-based treats when coming up with baking ideas as a think you gift. Maybe because we had wild apple trees on the back 40 on the farm where I grew up and Mom would make the most amazing apple spice cake from them, then give the cake away as a thank you gift.

Anyway, I'm carrying on the tradition this year. Today's the last day of school (how odd that it's on a Monday, but with all the snow days they have to make up, that's how it worked out.)

I'll be putting apple-based treats under this gingham cover with the T-H-A-N-K-S tiles, and giving it away to one of the teachers at my daughter's school.
...As an end of the year Thank You gift to one of her teachers.
(I'll post a link to the plate diary here when I add my comment.)

Apples... school... thank you gift...
I guess apples are doubly appropriate here, aren't they?

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