June 8, 2009

Blue Plate Special...

Isn't this a pretty color combination?

When setting up for the art show in Lincoln City, my hubby was helping to set up plates with treats. He asked what plates go with which PlateWraps and I said,
"You can just pick and choose. Whatever you think looks good is fine with me."
This was one of his color selections.

Not too long afterwards, a lady stopped by and wanted to buy this. The whole thing, muffins and all. She didn't care that it was a display, she wanted it.

The muffins are long gone, but this plate is now circulating back and forth between two cafe owners on the Oregon coast. Their Plate Diary comments are here: 200705300001

...They never mention what cafes they own or what town(s) they're in. If they'd just give a little hint, I'd make the road trip over there in a heartbeat just to stop in and say hi.
(And have lunch, of course!)

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