July 21, 2009

Just listed: Oh My Stars!

Introducing a brand-new category of Pass It On Plates: handpainted designs!
These new handpainted plates are ready to be loaded with treats and passed around to your friends. This particular plate is listed here in our Etsy shop and is available for $15 (USD.)

This plate is the "Oh My Stars!" plate. My Gram used to exclaim "Oh my stars!" when she learned about something wonderful or amazing.

This plate has red and yellow stars scattered all over the surface and the words "Pass It On... Pass It On... Pass It On..." around the inside of the rim. On the back is a unique tracking number that goes to its online diary. This plate is also part of the Plate Diary Dollars program, and we donate money to FeedingAmerica.org every time a plate diary entry is made and the plate is passed to another person.

All you have to do is Pass It On!

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