April 30, 2008

Mountain View, CA

About the only thing I know about Mountain View, CA is that Shirley Temple Black lives there. At least she did, many years ago when I worked for a national moving company.

About once every week this blog has yet another visit from someone in the Mountain View area. (This shows up on the Feedjit visitor bar, to the right - you may need to scroll down to see it.) Now I say 'area' because that's what shows up, but my frequent visitor(s) could be from another small town in the vicinity. Ben Lomond, for example. (Sometimes my own visits to this blog show up as a town about 40 miles from my computer.) My Mountain View visitor could be the same person stopping by again and again to check on things, or it could be a handful of different people visiting from Google.

You might even be searching for the Pam Hawk at Periodik or the Pam Hawk Real Estate Professional and you ended up here. Those two are in California, there's me up in Oregon, another couple of gals named Pam Hawk in Ohio and I think maybe another one of us in Pennsylvania. There aren't very many women with this name and I'm proud to be one of them. (Yes, you heard it here first: I'm a Dork. With a capital D.)

Either way, I'm intrigued, since I don't really know anyone in CA, it makes me smile every time I see another visit from Mountain View.

Because of the frequent visits, I'd like to send a plate of cookies to Mountain View to say thank you for visiting.

If you're from Mountain View, will you please add a comment with a link so I can contact you? Or just email me at pam[at]passitonplates[dot]com.
Thanks! :o)

Oh, heck. If your name is Pam Hawk and you live anywhere in the world, drop me a line via email for your free plate, too.

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