May 6, 2008

A kind of a spendid brassy apple thing

I have been looking for inexpensive ideas on how to spruce up my wardrobe for spring and summer. Two weeks ago I bought a "Make It Mine" magazine and was reading through it, when I came across this picture. Boy, it looked really familiar.

Today I was visiting the blogs in my blogroll - and I sincerely recommend you check them out my blogroll, as there is a lot of talent in that little list! - Lo and behold, I saw this shirt! Aha - that's where I had seen the shirt before! It's a creation by Megan from Brassy Apple. Her use of fabric and color inspire me. Really, between visiting her blog and walking into an Ikea store, I get all sorts of good ideas to try out.

I've been agonizing about how to use the technique on the shirt in the magazine... what shirt(s) to use? Which fabrics? What kind of motif? Being a little goofy, I thought of a motif involving a UFO abducting a cow.

(I still have some cow print scraps from my MooMooMoo PlateWraps.)

My sensible daughter quickly put the kabosh on that idea.

Anyway, a recent post on Brassy Apple was about this much loved but holey sweater from Jeanetta of Splendid Things. Jeanetta won a packet of fabric pieces from Megan and went to work on her sweater.

Click here to see what Jeanetta ended up doing with her sweater.
It's much nicer than my UFO/cow idea. Bravo, Jeanetta! I love your sweater.

Photo credits go to Megan for the magazine picture and to Jeanetta for the sweater picture.

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