December 1, 2008

Plate It Forward ™

Plate It Forward:
Raise Money.
Raise Awareness.
Raise Hope.

Plate It Forward is a new program designed to help non-profit organizations meet their fund-raising goals. The nature of Pass It On Plates supports raising awareness for the organization, with an additional financial incentive to motivate people to keep their Pass It On Plate moving from person to person, sharing information about the organization.
How are these Pass It On Plates different?
When a non-profit organization sets up a fund-raising campaign with Pass It On Plates, their name and website would be hand-written on each plate with our special ceramic paint pens. Each plate diary includes info on what makes this particular plate special, and we also set up a special page for them on our website to explain who they are and what they do, along with links to their own sites for more information.

How does it work?
☺ A Pass It On Plate is for sale through our Plate It Forward program. The organization's name is hand-written on the front.
☺ On the back of the plate is the plate number and our website address so people know where to find the plate diary.
☺ The plate diary includes information about why this particular plate is special, and what organization it is helping to raise money and awareness. There are also a link or links to follow for more information.
☺ A person buys this plate and pays the retail price determined by the organization. The organization keeps 100% of the retail profits.
☺ This nice person visits the plate diary and leaves a message for their friend, then loads the plate with cookies or something yummy and passes it on, telling their friend about the organization named on the plate.
☺ We see a message has been left in the plate diary and donate part of our own proceeds to the organization supported by that plate.
☺ The friend goes to the plate diary and leaves a message for their friend, then loads up the plate with treats again and passes it on, telling them about the organization named on the plate.
☺ We see another message has been left in the plate diary and again donate part of our proceeds to the organization supported by that plate.
☺ Nobody else is required to pay anything as the plate travels from person to person; all we ask is that they keep the conversation about the organization going.

Can I follow the journey of one of these special plates?
When you leave a message in a plate diary, you are given the option to have future comments emailed to you as it continues to travel.

Where can I buy one?
Depending on how each non-profit organization chooses to sell these plates, they may be available through our website, through pre-sales organized by the organization, or in person at locations specified by the organization. We will make as many different organizations' plates available as possible for sale through our website.

What about the money?

We make our plates available to each organization at our wholesale price. The organization sells them at the suggested retail and keeps the profits. Every time a new message is left in the plate diary for that plate, our company donates a percentage of our profits to that organization, up to 15%. The more the plate travels, the more that organization earns, and the more people learn about the organization and their needs.

How can I use the Plate It Forward program for my organization's fund-raiser?
Just contact Pam via email at pam[!at] 
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  1. Brilliant idea Pam!!! Whoohoo! Have a happy and prosperous New Year my friend! With gratitude, Laurie B.


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