December 23, 2008

Well that was an exciting blog remodel

I was so prepared. Last week I went through every little widget in my sidebar and copied the HTML code into a Notepad document. Next, I copied all my layout HTML into another Notebook document. I felt smart and smug.

Do you know where this is heading?
Do you think I backed up these two files?
You should be nodding then smacking your forehead at the last two questions. Know why?

I didn't back up. Why? I was just going to do a simple layout replacement then re-install all the HTML from my sidebars. It should take a couple hours, at most.

Ha-hah! {{evil cackle}} this tempted the computer gods and my computer crashed.

Enter my Knight in Silicone Armor: The ever helpful Mr. Pass It On Plates. He knows a thing or two about computers and offered to help by resetting the previous settings back a day. Should be good.

No. The computer was reset back to March 2007 and everything not backed up after that point was gone.

Poof. Shazam. Gone.

Little Miss Pass It On Plates was sitting on the couch next to the computer armoire and she looked at us, thinking there was going to be some sort of huge fight with lots of yelling and blame. They're extremely rare, Thank God. She was nervous because it was so darned quiet. We were hiding behind the door to the armoire whispering about her... in sign language, of course; he's Deaf - hiding behind doors makes it really easy to whisper in sign language.
"How do we tell her all her iTunes stuff is wiped out?"
"You tell her."
"I'm not ready for that kind of upset."
"Yeah, but she lost her entire library. Hundreds of dollars in iTunes gift cards (blowing into hand and gesturing) gone."
Chuckling, "What about the 5000 pictures of her feet standing here and there, and her bathroom mirror self portraits of goofy faces and spiked hair?"
"Those are NOT irreplacable."
"So do you want to tell her?"
"I think we should wait."
"Didn't you back up anything?"
"Yeah, a while ago, but we couldn't figure out how to back up iTunes stuff."
"What about your business files?"
"Backed up on my thumb drive. It's good. The biggest loss is the music. But I don't want her to know just yet."

Just then a hesitant little voice came from the other side of the armoire, "Mom? Did we lose my iTunes stuff?"

On the other hand, the computer runs a lot faster without all the photos and un-backup-able iTunes music stored in it. I guess that's the upside to this lesson in being anal retentive in backing up even the stupidest little things. Frequently.

Now this morning, 14 hours into the project, I'm sitting down to finish my 2 hr blog remodel. Without all my widgets and code, though, I feel a little like my skirt is tucked up into the back of my pantyhose... If something is hanging out that shouldn't or if something looks a little odd, will you be a friend and let me know?

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