December 16, 2008

Tuesday Tip: Quick-n-Easy (and cute) Ribbon Organizers

I feel so clever... I put this together a few mornings ago when I was wrapping gifts before heading out to start my day. They're so darned cute I had to share. These are quick-n-easy ribbon organizers.
Didn't I tell you how much I love "Quick-n-Easy" ... and cheap? This is very cheap inexpensive. (Sorry, my bad.)

Gift boxes (cubes) come in packs of two
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Here are my two ribbon organizers. I spent a grand total of $7 bucks for the set of nested boxes and 6 spools of ribbon (5 yards each). That's more than enough ribbon for all of this year's gifts... plus more.

Besides, aren't these cute?

Since I ship a Christmas box to the folks in Wisconsin, I need some kind of ribbon/bow that won't crush. I also am tired of the throwaway stuff and like the idea that Mom can re-use the ribbons next year when she sends stuff back our way.

Dollar store ribbon organizer
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Each cube holds three spools
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The 5 yard spools of ribbon (for $1 each!) fit perfectly in the gift box (cube). When the lid is on the box the ribbon pulls out easily but doesn't roll off the spool like crazy and get tangled... or in the way of the scissors and glue.

I'll have to pick up a few more sets of these boxes. These would be great to organize the ribbons I use to make Pretty Little Doo Dads. I need lots of eye candy in my studio to feel happy and inspired...

Know what I mean?

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