January 6, 2009

Tuesday Tips - (post Christmas) Gift Ideas

My friend was lamenting that her fiancee's birthday is coming up and she doesn't know what to give him. He is interested in fishing and wanted a fishing pole, but since he's left-handed, she thought it would be best if he picked out something that fit him comfortably.
He doesn't yet have a fishing license, so I suggested she buy one for him along with some tackle box stuff. She might just do that.
Do you have a hard to buy birthday gift on your shopping list? I've got several of those, myself, and struggle to get just the right thing each year.
The fishing license idea got me thinking. The license is kind of like the foundation to the gift; you have to have that before you can use anything else. I wonder what other kinds of "foundations" could be given as gifts to support a hobby or interest? Yes, I realize this is just after Christmas, and I'm talking gifts already, but people have birthdays in January.

(Some of my best friends have January birthdays. Hi Deb, Sarah, and Paul!)
Here's a list I made of some ideas.
(Hobby/ foundation gift)
Video gaming/ memory card and rechargeable AA batteries with charger
Video gaming/ book of cheats for popular games
MP3 or iPod user/ great headphones like Skullcandy, Sennheiser, or (insert angelic chorus here) Bose
Digital photography/ (really, the camera would be the foundation, so let's accessorize) a digital picture frame or a Pro account at flickr.
Cooking/ Santoku knives, digital thermometer, bamboo cutting board, gourmet salt
These ideas are based on what I saw people buying and giving as Christmas gifts. I realize they're mostly electronics and that my suggestions are not handmade items.
Flog me with a wet mitten!
I just whipped this up in a hurry.
So.... What would you add to the list?


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