March 11, 2008

Sofa-Change Decorating #1: Red Poppies

I've been poking around other blogs and have been inspired by things people have made for themselves to enjoy at home. I love Brassy Apple's desk and wish I had more color and personality pumped into my tiny, cramped apartment. Our last two houses in Minnesota were full of style and personality and COLOR and I only wish I could paint a wall or two. Terra cotta or dark apple red would make me happy. Or charcoal grey.

Looking around to decide where to start, I came to realize that I have some pretty neat creations of my own that make our home uniquely "us." Introducing a new topic called: Sofa-Change Decorating. (Because I'm extremely thrifty when it comes to decorating, and most of my projects can be made with cash found in the sofa. And laundry machine... And car cup holder...)

The first thing I'd like to share is a picture we have in the bathroom.
When we remodeled our first house, about 8 years ago, I needed some red art for the bathroom, and I needed it quick. It also had to be ultra cheap. (For those of you who know me, you know I can make some pretty darn good looking art for a pretty darn low price.)

Enter clip art. Yes, this red poppy is clip art.

I printed it out, framed it in a collection of mats that fit in a silver frame I had in the attic, and put it up on the wall. Prefect.

Now in our tiny apartment, we still have the red thing going on in the bathroom, so the red poppy is still up on the wall.

Design-wise, it helps bring the red color around the room. You can't see it, but there is a red geometric shower curtain on the opposite wall. We also have red bath towels on a shelf opposite the mirror.

Mood-wise, it makes me happy to see this bold but simple statement every time I wash my hands or brush my teeth. And it only cost me about $3.


  1. The red poppy picture is very nice.i like ur creativity mind. in future all the people will like it.i too love it and i will try this one.thank you


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  2. i like ur creativity mind. in future all the people will like it.
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  3. Thank you Mathea and Tom for your comments!

    I always love it when I can find an inexpensive bit of decor to make my home look happy and bright.

    By the way, very nice sofas on your site. The Coniston has such interesting lines. I think that one is my favorite. In red, of course.


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