March 20, 2008

My light "table"

I tried making a light box out of a cardboard box with windows cut out on the sides and a white garbage bag taped over the window.

Too dark, too big, no place to store it.

Cruising around the internet I saw a guy had made one with PVC pipe and other supplies from his local hardware store. His contraption looked a lot like a table and the little light bulb screwed into my brain suddenly lit up. I ran around gathering and buying the supplies I needed and went to work.

Here's my new lightbox... er, table.
It's a card table laying on its side. I draped a white twin sheet over the legs and shined three utility lamps through the sheet. Each light bulb in these lamps is 60 watts. I think I'd prefer a brighter wattage because my pictures still seem a little dark. I laid my fabric cutting board across the bottom for a good work surface.

My cost:
$3 for the sheet
$6 for each lamp x 3 = $18
$1.88 for a 4-pack of 60-watt bulbs
Grand total: Less than $23 for something

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