March 15, 2008

Name That PlateWrap

I'm a new fabric that is being made into 30 PlateWraps.
The problem is, I'm having an identity crisis. I don't know what my name is.

Here's a close up of some of my flowers. I was chosen for my bold, bright colors and because I look like fun, happy gift wrap.

To name this bright floral, we've decided to let you name it!

Can you think of a name for this fabric? Post your ideas in Comments (below) and we'll set up all the name ideas in a poll. The most popular name will be used and whoever comes up with the most popular name will (obviously) get some recognition, linky love, and more recognition.

1. We'll announce the most popular name in this blog along with a link to your website/online store/URL in our blog sidebar.

2. When this particular PlateWrap sells, a link to this blog article will be included on the online diary of every plate traveling with this PlateWrap. (See Plate #200709080005.)

3. We sew tags into every PlateWrap, naming the seamstress who made it. These PlateWraps will also carry a special fabric tag that says who named this PlateWrap fabric. If you like, we'll even include your website on the tag.

Don't have a website or blog that we can promote? That's ok - we'll still mention you in this blog and in the Plate Diaries of plates sold with this PlateWrap. You can have your name/nickname written on a special tag sewn into every one of these PlateWraps.

Post your ideas through March 15, 2008.
Feel free to post as many names as you can think of.
The names will be put in a poll on this blog, on March 16 and you can vote for your favorite until March 31, 2008.

If there's more than one really popular name, we're going to print out the names, take them down to the local Starbucks, and see what the local buzzed-on-java crowd thinks.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!


  1. Fun idea...can we submit more than one name?

    My initial reaction was it looks tropical...its paradise...

    So: "Paradise Found" is my entry.

  2. I think of Poppies...that bright orangey red about "Poppy Paradise" :)

  3. Yes indeedy, Bad Cat. Sumbit as many names as you want. Thanks for asking -

  4. This one is a horrid name, but I looked at one of the flowers and thought it was a rooster for just a second..."Abstract Rooster".

  5. I totally saw the chickens in the print too, badcat!

    How about Barnyard Blossoms?
    Organic Exotics?
    Exotically Organic?
    Tropical Poppies?
    Orient Expressions?


  6. This reminds me of Dutch tulips so my submission is
    "Holland Days"
    *not the sauce!

  7. Last night I got a phone call from my dear DobieDutch in Wisconsin who was having trouble getting online.

    She suggested Poppy Picnic.

  8. Coimbra, April 23, 1975.
    "A few days ago, during the homily of Sunday Mass in a parish church in rural surroundings, the priest spoke to his parishioners about the forthcoming elections for the Constituent Assembly. Launched hand of the parabola to be better understood and told them:

    -- "My dear brothers in Christ: suppose that one of you is owner of a dairy cow; if socialism wins, the brother takes the cow, but will have to give the milk to the party, if the communism wins, we ill stand without the milk and without. cow. " "

  9. Well... this is kind of a long name for the fabric and I'm not sure it would fit on the PlateWrap label if it wins the vote.

    Unfortunately we already started voting on names so we won't be able to include this very very long name suggestion in our poll.

    May I ask? While I, too, saw roosters in the print, I didn't see cows. It also didn't make me think of socialism or communism. What was your inspiration? :o)


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