June 16, 2008

Another re-gifting thingy

Well, isn't this nifty?
It's a sail from a sailboat, recycled into a wine bag.
But they're getting in to the community-style re-gifting spirit, too. On the back of the bag is a blank list where you can write your name and date. Then you slip your wine gift into the bag, and ... well, gift it.
Guess what happens next? Of course; you're right! The next person writes their name and date on the back of the bag, a bottle of wine goes in it and they (drumroll please) gift it to someone else.
We checked out the SeaBags website and love the bags. Not just the wine bags, but the other tote bags and the little ones that work as purses. They're fresh and beautiful. Growing up on Lake Superior, we have an urge to get one (or two) of these, since they remind us of all the sailboats gracefully tacking back and forth between Bayfield and Madeline Island.
We're seeing the re-gifted packaging trend start to pick up steam and take off, and the items out there are just as fun, if not more so, than the gift itself.
Hop on the bandwagon and get going with your re-gifting!

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