June 29, 2008

Our biggest Flying Plate giveaway yet!

Over 20 names, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

How would you like to get a free Pass It On Plate?
How about a free set of four Pass It On Plates?

From July 1 through the end of September, you can enter to win every time you make a plate diary comment. The more plate diary comments you make, the more chances you have to win!

Whoo hoo!

What do I win?
At the end of every month we draw the winner of a Flying Plate mug with your choice of gourmet cocoa or gourmet coffee.

At the end of September we draw two winners!
One winner gets a brand-spankin' new Pass It On Plate ~
and the Grand prize is a set of four brand-spankin' new Pass It On Plates.
Winners of these plates get to mix and match the plate color, the PlateWrap, the Pretty Little Doo Dad, and special paint pen color of their choice to totally personalize their prize.

Here's how you can enter:

1. Make a valid plate diary comment.
Visit our Plate Diaries at http://passitonplates.blogspot.com/ and find your plate number. Leave a message in your plate's diary, follow the contest instructions on the diary page, then load the plate with treats and pass it on. No purchase necessary, but you do need to be passing the plate as you leave comments. A valid plate comment would be along the lines of "Here is a treat for you," and not "Gee I would really like to win."

2. Send us a picture of your plate.
We love love this and will give you two contest entries for these pictures! Let us know the plate number and we'll post the picture in that plate's online diary. We'd love to see how many names you have on your plate!

3. Send us a picture of you with the plate as you Pass It On.
We love love love this and will give you three contest entries for these kinds of pictures! With your permission, we'd like to post these pictures in your plate's diary as well. Make sure you tell us your plate number when you send us the pictures.

One note about the pictures: The idea is to keep these plates flying, so one picture per plate please. Don't go crazy and send us 600 pictures of you giving the same plate to Aunt Martha again and again. If you do, still you get three contest entries.

Send your pictures in jpg format to
flyingplate [at] passitonplates [dot] com.

The contest starts at 12:01am PST on July 1, 2008. Monthly prizes will be drawn for comments and photos submitted until midnight PST on the last day of each month during the contest. Grand prize winners will be drawn for comments and photos submitted until midnight PST on Sept 30, 2008.

Do you know anyone who is hard to buy for or who has everything?

This set of four Pass It On Plates would definitely help you with your holiday shopping, wouldn't it?

For more info about Pass It On Plates, check out our FAQ.

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