June 14, 2008


In the sidebar you'll see Ads by Indiego, an advertising network of independent artists, crafters, clothing and accessory designers, photographers, and the like. Each time you visit this blog a different ad appears.

Today, when I visited my blog I scrolled down to see what Indiego ads were showing up and I saw this cute -and very patient- little pooch. She is the "Furkid" of a gal who makes cute people clothes for her furkids. Check them out: http://furkidfever.blogspot.com/

If I was to put one of these outfits on our Caesar, a Dachshund/Jack Russell mutt, he'd become all emo and try to rub or eat the clothes off his body. We discovered this on Halloween when we dressed him up in a ridiculous Frankenstein outfit.

But these are cute and so is the patient pooch.

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