June 9, 2008

It's catching on...!

Today while browsing through the June issue of Real Simple magazine, I stumbled across a very familiar gift-giving idea on page 74. In their Summer Gift Guide, they list some fresh new ideas for gift giving, including a "Plate It Forward" idea to use as a hostess gift.

How exciting! Their 'plate it forward' idea mentions just using a craft pen or marker. This makes me wonder what kind of pen or marker they had in mind, since some pens and markers are not permament on the plate and others are not food safe. I love Sharpie permanent markers with a passion, but they will wash off. We tried Sharpies on our own plate years ago and the picture we drew to test it quickly washed off. I'm also not sure about placing wet foods on a plate signed by Sharpies; I never dared to try it.

We were lucky to find some special paint pens that are perfect for this use - they're designed to be written on any ceramic or porcelain surface, like a Pass It On Plate. To cure the paint you just bake the plate in your oven. This makes the paint permanent and the names will last and last. Plus, cookies or other treats, even wet treats, on our plates won't interfere with the collection of names on your Pass It On Plate.

The most exciting idea to us is that this concept is starting to catch on. Hello-o-o! A big magazine is now touting the concept. Whoo-hoo! Never mind we weren't named; it's the thought that counts.

If you would like to use their idea on your own plate, sans PlateWrap, tracking number, and other bells and whistles, go for it. Obviously, we love the idea.

If you would like to use one of our pens on your own plate, we have several fun colors available for sale at Etsy.

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