May 7, 2008

Advertise your own business on a Pass It On Plate

What is a Pass It On Plate?

Pass It On Plates are a fun and unique way to share treats with special people. These numbered plates travel from person to person gift wrapped in a re-useable, washable cloth PlateWrap. Each Pass It On Plate also tells a story as it travels. A special paint pen is included with the PlateWrap. This pen is used to write one's name on the plate. Simple instructions to cure the paint and make it dishwasher safe and food safe are included with the plate. In addition, each plate number corresponds to an online plate diary where one can leave a message for their recipient to read.

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So how does it advertise my business?

Imagine Meghan received a Pass It On Plate filled with home made cookies. She sees several names permanently written on the plate, including the name of the person who gave her the plate. There is also a number and website address permanently written on the plate, and she goes online to check it out. There, in her numbered plate's online diary, she sees a message to her from the person who gave her the plate. The message might be a "Thank you," or "Happy Birthday," or even a "Thinking of you" type of message.

Now Meghan has an occasion to give a gift to someone. She uses the special paint pen to write her name on the plate. She is a salon owner and hair stylist, so she includes the name of her salon. Next, she follows the simple instructions to cure the paint and make her name permanent. She goes to the website included on the plate, looks up the plate diary by plate number and leaves a message for Holly, a regular client, whom she plans to give the plate to as a ‘Thank You for repeat business’ type of gift. While leaving the message, she includes a link to her salon's website. Of course she's busy and has no time to bake cookies, so she runs to the store and buys cookies to put on the plate. (Nobody will know.) She slips on the PlateWrap, tucks in the special paint pen, then Passes It On.

As the plate continues to travel from person to person, they see Meghan's name and salon name on the plate, and in the plate diary they see her message and a link to her salon’s website. They also see the name of the client that she gave the plate to, a woman named Holly. Later, Holly passed the plate on to her co-worker Christy, who saw the salon name and realized that Meghan does Holly's hair. Christy has always admired Holly's hair, so she contacts Meghan and makes an appointment.

You can see the possibility for this to continue. Christy passes the plate to her sister Sheila who loves her sister's new hairstyle. Christy tells her sister how she learned of the salon from the plate, and Sheila uses the information in the plate diary to make an appointment for herself, as well. Sheila passes the plate to a friend and the viral marketing of Meghan's salon continues.

Within a short period of time Meghan got at least two new customers from one Pass It On Plate.

How many new customers do you think your business could gain from a Pass It On Plate?

The Little Cannoli Bakery only sells out of their store. Imagine what could happen with your online business?


  1. THIS BLOG ROCKS! I am getting so many new ideas for marketing from you. PLUS, your artist features and site are stunning, fun, and consistantly FAB! With gratitude, Laurie B.

  2. Thanks Laurie - I'm so glad to know that this is helpful! :o)

    You just put a HUGE smile on my face and I think it'll be glued there all day... or all week...

    Cheers -

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