May 15, 2008

Well... Pass It On Plates is all about food and friends, so it's only natural to include a recipe for the MommyFest Potluck.

Ooh, ooh, before I forget, I have news! Just in time for the Cause 4 Paws show we're doing on May 24, 2008, we've got a great new item available in the Pass It On Plates product line. Check out this blog post for more details.

Ok, back to my Potluck recipe:
This is so easy and hard to stop eating once you start. Plus, if your family is like ours and you occasionally like to have an assortment of appetizers for supper, this is a big treat to add to your menu of hors d'ouvres.

Easy Cream Cheese Salsa Dip
1 - 8 oz block of cream cheese, room temperature
1 - 16 oz jar of salsa, try mango or pineapple salsa, or any fruit salsa from Harry & David
1 - big bag of tortilla chips

Place the cream cheese in a shallow bowl. Use the back of a spoon to spread it out a little, if you like. Pour the jar of salsa over the cream cheese. Serve with chips.
M-m-m-m-m. Addictive.

Hey, you know... You could put a package of cream cheese and a jar of salsa on a Pass It On Plate and take it to a party. When you're there, assemble it in front of everyone then leave the plate behind for the host/hostess.

I may have to try that next time I go hang out with my sisters.

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