May 28, 2008

Introducing - Pass It On Plates

A Pass It On Plate is a traveling plate for sharing cookies... or other food gifts.

Each Pass It On Plate has a unique tracking number on it which relates to an online 'diary' for that plate. Click here to see an active Plate Diary for one of our plates.
When your plate travels from one person to another, we track the plate diary comments for our Plate Diary Dollars program. With each Plate Diary comment, we donate up to 15% of our proceeds to charity. Many plates help support as they travel. Some plates were purchased through a fund-raiser and the Plate Diary Dollars from those plates go to the non-profit organization who sold that plate.

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You can customize your Pass It On Plate with some neat accessories.
Get a re-useable cloth PlateWrap to 'gift wrap' your Pass It On Plate. Just slip it over your plate before passing it on to a friend. You can even top off your PlateWrap with a Pretty Little Doo Dad, like the ones shown below.
Yes! We do have Birthday and Holiday themed PlateWraps.


You can also accessorize your Pass It On plate with one of our special paint pens. Write your name on the plate before passing it on. Just bake the plate in your oven at 300F for half an hour to make the paint permanent and food safe*. Then leave a message for your friend in the online diary, load the plate with treats, and pass it on. Don't forget to include the pen so the plate can collect names as it travels!

*The ceramic paint is food safe as long as it is not scratched. Just avoid using metal utensils on the plate. Hand washing is still recommended, to prevent abrasive dish detergents from damaging the paint.

The plate shown above has an active plate diary. Click here to see where this plate has been and what it has carried. (Thanks George, for loaning us the plate for this illustration.)

If you have more questions, please look through the rest of our FAQ or contact us if you would like more information.


  1. This such a neat idea! I wish you the best of luck with it. Every now and then I'll get a dollar bill with the tracking info written on it and it's so much fun to see where all it's been, so I'm sure that this will be a success ;)

  2. What a fun idea!
    Found you on Tip Junkie!

  3. Hi Pam--

    What a great idea!! I'd love to feature you on our blog,

    I read your profile and we have nearly the same taste in movies.

    the only thing missing from your list is Desperately Seeking Susan.

    Suzanne Ellinwood


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