May 11, 2008

Mommyfest 2008!

Hi and welcome to the Pass It On Plates blog! Glad you could stop by!

To introduce myself, my name is Pam and I started Pass It On Plates about 5 years ago, so this is also my 5th year working on a project I live, breathe, sleep... and love doing. I'm a mom of a 12 year old 'teenager,' a 3 year old 'puppy,' my husband of almost 15 years (yes, I mother him too,) and a hamster named Paul. We live in the Willamette Valley in western Oregon where it's lush and green pretty much all year-round.

I like quirky silly things and would like to include a monkey or alien motif on everything I do... but I practice great restraint and haven't done that. Yet. On the other hand, I love my glue gun and will happily glue all kinds of weird things like beer bottle caps and tiny plastic farm animals to magnets and pins. Painting is also a little addiction of mine: furniture, walls, picture frames, shirts... I'd love to get an old junker car some day and paint that into a funky painted art car - and of course hot glue stuff to it as well.

Hoping to meet lots of other moms - so please leave me a comment here and introduce yourself!

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  1. Nice to meet you! Great looking blog. Hope you'll visit a late party maker like me. I promise you'll have fun and maybe even laugh.


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