October 24, 2008

Another Pass It On Plate

During a recent Google search to see what kind of competition Pass It On Plates has, I found this pretty plate from a store called The Back Porch.

This isn't one of mine, but it's interesting to see the concept and phrase "Pass It On" are catching on. I wish the store said whether this one is ceramic or melamine. I'm guessing it's melamine, based on the $15.99 price tag.

Either way, this is what you get: a plate.

I'm feeling pretty darned good about my Pass It On Plates TM because they come with a re-useable cloth gift wrap, a pretty little doo dad to dress it up, and a paint pen so you can personalize the plate with your name. Plus, each Pass It On Plate TM is numbered and each one has its own Plate Diary TM that tells where it has been and what it has carried.

And it's handmade. J



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