October 16, 2008

New product in testing mode...

While I can't tell you what new product is being tested, I can tell you it makes it easier to send Pass It On Plates to far away locations.

It's also fine for people who don't bake and great for people who are watching what they eat.

Oh, and can I mention how great this is as a way to spread information about a special cause? (More on that later - some of those particulars are still being worked out.)

I asked a few of my dear friends to test some of these new products.

So, Dear Friends, what did you think? Don't worry about spoilers. If the instructions made sense, were easy to follow and duplicate, and you liked the overall concept, everyone else will find out soon enough. If the product needs more work, I like to think of "spoilers" more as teasers for what's to come.

Thank you!


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  1. Pam, you are my feature today!
    Email me for your button code.


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