October 28, 2008

Where do your readers come from?

I grew up in a multicultural community (ok, not what you think - this was Czech, Slavic, Polish, German, and Scandinavian farm country in northern Wisconsin - with a Finnish 'outpost' a little ways down the road) and have always been curious about other cultures.

Imagine how tickled I was when I looked at my traffic stats and found out that I've gotten a little traffic from http://www.bhuz.com/, Belly Dance Central.

I guess there are some forum posts about DIY Christmas Presents that are sending readers my way. Since I'm not a member, I can't read the posts, but it's so intriguing that I'm getting traffic from there. My only connection to Belly Dancing is my friend Marcy, who took a class. She's actually pretty darned good at it. The way she can move her hands back and forth is mesmerizing.

I'll never forget when I took a much younger Rachel to Marcy's recital and we sat with Marcy's husband and three sons. The two older boys got bored and wandered off, so we watched the show with Nate, who was about 10 or 11. Rachel started to get bored, so I asked Nate if he wanted to go wander around with Rachel.

In his little voice Nate replied,

"Uh, hello? Half-naked dancing women on stage. I'm a guy. I'm staying here."

But I digress.

Since I think a Belly Dancing website is the most interesting and unlikely place I've had traffic coming from, I thought it would be fun to ask:

What's the most interesting - and unlikely - place that your blog has received traffic from?

PS: The Finnish outpost is the little town of Ino, WI. (Pronounced "I know.") Being a Wisconsin town it consists of a crossroads and a bar. Don't blink or you'll miss it. Ino is about 20 or 30 miles from the town of Oulu, WI. (Pronounced "Oo-Loo.")

Oulu is bigger than Ino.
Two bars.


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