October 8, 2008

I think they're creating more work for themselves...

I need to ship out some Original Pass It On Plates but ran out of my extra large USPS flat rate shipping boxes.
"No problem," I thought, "I'll just go back to the Post Office and pick up another bundle of boxes."
Long story short, these boxes have become a special order item only, and the only way I can get more is by ordering a bundle of 10 from USPS.com. So I went online, set up an account, and ordered my boxes. When the order was completed, I received this message:
All free shipping supply items are shipped via Parcel Post within 2 Business Days and should be received within 7-10 Business Days.
Since I have an odd way of looking at things, this message really made me laugh.
Parcel Post, really?
Seven to ten business days, are you kidding?
It just seems silly that they would ship my order to me when they can just throw some on the mail truck and drop them off.



  1. October 10th -

    Still waiting for those darned boxes. I talked to the mail lady (shouldn't it be Femail Lady?) about it yesterday and she said it might be another week before the boxes show up.


    Too bad I couldn't have those boxes emailed to me.


  2. Yepper. Makes no sense...I gave up on USPS...box issues, shipping issues, cost....I switched to UPS ground. So far only ONE damaged item...not bad...
    Hope you get the boxes...but man, it's a bit Re-DI-cu-LES!

  3. I know... I looked in to UPS (I pronounce it "Oops") but their shipping prices were a lot higher and I wanted to try to save my customers as much money as possible.

    My friends over at Fed Ex Kinkos just quoted me a better price than I had with USPS, so I'm heading over there today to ship my long overdue packages.

    (Just a note about my friends at FE-K... they just opened up a new shop in my neighborhood and out of convenience, I took a whole bunch of printing needs over there. That's the first time I met everyone. I'm at the point now where I walk in the door and everyone says "Hi Kiddo!" I really need to give them PIOPlates full of banana bread, choc chip cookies, and maybe some artichoke dip.)


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