October 29, 2008

Do you like the Pass It On Plates concept?

Even though it's not officially the Christmas shopping season until the day after Thanksgiving, everyone is starting to think about Christmas.

What memorable, unique, useful, and green gift can you give to people on your shopping list?

I was shopping for gifty things in my local natural food store when I found a neat gift wrap that uses the tracking number concept: Wrapsacks!

Actually, like Pass It On Plates are more than just a plate, Wrapsacks are more than just gift bag. These re-useable, cloth gift bags have a tracking number sewn into them, and you can track their journey online from their website at http://www.wrapsacks.com/

Plus, the batik fabrics are so much fun - you could use them for Hannukah, birthdays, anniversaries, going away, coming to visit, get well, and congratulation gifts.



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