November 14, 2008

Christmas Bazaar - Keizer Lion's Club 11/15/08

Tonight (Thursday) we were able to get into the Lion's Hall and set up for Saturday's Craft Bazaar. I loaded up a few pink crates of supplies and put my best inventory into one of those gigantic Ikea shopping bags and hopped over there to set up.

Ok, little detour on the story. I remembered it was an animal and Andi said it was in the building behind JC's Pizzeria in Keizer (Salem's one "suburb," if you will.) The sun was in my eyes and I pulled into a lodge-like building's parking lot. It was behind JC's.
"I'm here to set up for the craft show?" I asked.
"Not here."
"Where am I?" (Yes, I have been known to be a little ditzy at times.I swear those very pale hairs starting to grow in at my temples are blonde.)
"You're at the Elk's Lodge."
"Huh. And no craft show? Well I know it was an animal. Any other animal lodges nearby?"
"Yes. Lion's is the next building down the road, and the Eagles are the next building beyond that."
(Smart alek me couldn't resist smiling as I asked,) "So where's the Moose Lodge?"
The lady laughed.

I drove down the road, still blinded by the sun so I could see buildings but no reading was possible. I squinted as much as I could but the sun was starting to set and there was no way to shield it so I could see anything useful.

Pulled into a driveway, didn't see Lion's on the building, then turned around and went towards the next building. My phone rang.

It was Andi. "You turned around and left. Where are you goin', Turbo?" (She calls me Turbo. She's half my age. I love Andi.)

"Oh. That was it? My bad. I'll find a place to turn around and come back."

Despite my minor spaz, I got there, set up as much as I could, and snapped a few pictures before I had to run to Rachel's orchestra concert. Looking forward to the show.

Hey, if you're in the area on Saturday, mention this blog for 10% off your purchase!

More pictures to follow. I saw Andi's painted dresser in person for the first time and that picture does not do it justice. It is AMAZING. Same for her puzzle chest. I'll post more pictures over the weekend.


  1. I am actually laughing out loud as they say.!
    I hope that you do well!
    I received a virtual Pass it on plates plate from Laurie of The Looking Glass, it was fun to do and hope that everyone gives it a try.
    Have fun this weekend!

  2. Oh woman you crack me up! I'm sitting here LOL at your story. It's TOTALLY me! I was voting last week and heard a woman telling the polling people about her thorn less black raspberries and how bountiful they were. I started fillin in those circles SO fast! She said, "well I better get going..." I came running out of the booth and said, "No, wait, you have to tell me about your berries." Yes, I'm a geek. Everyone just stood there stunned at my forwardness. I ended up going with her and her husband to their house which ended up to be across ONE corn field from us. She is a wonderful water color artist, paints furniture and I got to meet the rooster I've heard crowing every morning for the past three years! His name is Bob. Sounds like a title to a book, doesn't it!? Anyway, yah, that's me...I operate on the same plane you do. It's fun isn't it? Please give us the details and pics from the bizaar. I'm envy filled. I've been sitting in this darn house since the 5th, still sicker than a dog. (sigh, pout)
    Okay, well, fun fun post Pam! With gratitude, laurie B.

  3. Ha! Thanks for laughing with me, ladies. I'm actually glad it wasn't that first building I went to - it smelled like stale cigarettes in there. My first thought as I entered was, "Are my PlateWraps going to pick up this smell if I do a craft show here?" That would be very very bad.

    Laurie I love the story about the black raspberries and Bob the rooster. Funny!

    Yep, got lots of pictures... will post them this week. Including the two Frank took of camera shy me.


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