November 13, 2008

This is my Obnoxious Butterfly tote bag

Bright purple tote bag, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

I have a thing for tote bags. As I sew up other projects, I find fabrics that go together and I often whip up a quick tote bag - the size is based on my immediate need.

A few months ago I needed one big enough to hold a couple three-ring binders and a few other misc things, so I took some leftover obnoxious butterfly fabric and some leftover obnoxious purple fabric and made this cute-and-not-really-obnoxious tote bag. The handles are grosgrain ribbon.

DSCN5118, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

My discerning (now) 13 year old decided I should put the butterflies on the inside and the solid color purple on the outside. She said it's for a visual surprise, but I think it's so I don't embarrass her if I carry the bag while we're out together.

Ok, yeah, it's wrinkly in the picture. It had been backed up for the move and i had to snap a quick picture and show you as soon as it was unpacked.

Cute, eh?


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