October 25, 2008

One, two, ... three?

Well I am excited. Really excited. The stars are aligning themselves and things are gettin' good.

This morning I was browsing through my blog reader and saw Kim at Today's Creative Blog featured Pass It On Plates! She has an eye for creative details and I love the amazing blogs she finds and shares. What a huge honor to be featured! Shucks, I feel taller today, I tell ya.

She also showed off the picture of my friend Andi's dresser. You remember Andi? She's the friend who painted this:

The reason I'm so excited is that on November 15, both Andi and I will be at the TOPS 6th Annual Craft Bazaar in Keizer, Oregon. We were just talking yesterday about drumming up some publicity for the sale, and here Kim reads our minds and writes this post.

Now I realize everyone reading this is scattered all over the country/world, but it's still so neat to realize that a few months ago I decided I need more face-to-face selling outlets and the next day Andi said,
"Hey I'm going to sell my painted furniture in a craft bazaar this fall.
Do you want a table there, too?"
Then yesterday we mentioned needing a little publicity and ba-da-bing, here's Kim's post.
Don't things happen in threes?
What should I ask for next?

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  1. Hi, I love your posts. I have awarded you with The Friendship Around The World Award. Please visit my blog to receive it and see what its all about.

  2. Hey, how did you get this comment format? I love it....much better than what I've got...oh wise one, can you share your wisdom with this grasshopper?

  3. Ohh...I have to think about that. What did I do?

    As usual, I was fiddling around and saw something intriguing, so I clicked it to see what happened.

    Hmmm, let me look into it and I'll let you know.

  4. Aha. Here's how to embed the comment form so it's more like a WordPress style comment form.

    If you have not yet checked out Blogger In Draft, by all means try it. I'll post about that in my other blog, http://www.pamhawk.com


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