March 8, 2009

Featuring KanYoFuse

In the comments of our Share The Love Giveaway, Reva Skie said... I adore this fused glass necklace.

I agree. This is really neat. Clueless about glass fusion, I wonder how KanYoFuse makes these cool looking pieces of eye candy, but I think I should stop thinking about it and just enjoy the amazing colors. This is SO cool.

Kevin from KanYoFuse writes in his description,

"Okay, Everyone that is ready for Spring, raise your hand. lol

Wow! More is better.

Kanyofuse has joined forces with Moonrise Creations to make some amazing necklaces. I was at my first craft fair in December and I was placed next to another jeweler that does amazing beaded jewelry, fellow Etsian, Moonrise Creations.

We decided to fuse our talents (no pun intended) and go in cahoots. This necklace is amazing with Swarovski crystals, black beads, and green glass accents. "

Here's another one that I think reminded him of cherry blossoms. I see it too.

This is beautiful and would match at least half my wardrobe.

Of course, every time someone points out a neat Etsy shop, I have to read the artist's profile and browse through the shop looking for my own favorites. KanYoFuse has a great sense of humor and he's got a very special model named Ace. (Oh, so true to Portland, Oregon. I love Portland and drive up there every chance I get...)

There are other *ahem* unconventional models that totally make me smile the biggest smile my face has smiled in a long time. The pink pendant is lovely, as is the model. I won't ruin the surprise. Just click here:

(nice 'guns,' by the way...)

I'm still smiling.
What's your favorite item at KanYoFuse?


PS: I just peeked at the first comment here before logging off for the evening. Wow. Yeah, I can see why it's a favorite and had to share.

It's listed here:



  1. I have 9 of Kevin's pendant gracing my summer jewelry box right now. If I had to pick a favorite (VERY hard to do) in the shop right now, it would be this new Spring Green!

  2. I just got two of KanYo's pendants in the mail yesterday and they literally brightened my day. The colors are incredible--vivid, luminescent, swirly...I'm at a loss for words. I had been planning to use them to make jewelry to gift or sell but every time that I look at the pendants I can't imagine parting with them!

    Right now, in terms of my favorite piece in Kevin's shop, I'm split between: "Butterfly Spirits in the Purple Night" (the name alone rocks!)
    & "Mixed Emotions"

  3. Thank you so much for the feature Pam. It's awesome. Everything in my shop is my favorite. lol Ace says thanks too. Have a great day.

  4. I love Kevins work... I own 5 of his pendants... one thing about picking a favorite it is would have to be the one I am wearing at any given time or the newest one in his shop. Everytime he lists a new one I fall in love all over again. I think the next one on my list is this beautiful orange one


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