March 25, 2009

States - MA & RI

States - MA & RI, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

And of course here are two geographically small but beautiful states with close-knit communities: Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

My two stepsisters and stepbrother are from Massachusetts and their stories about family and home just south of Worchester make me wish I'd had more of that when I was growing up as an only child. That sense of community is what I'm trying to create with these plates, by encouraging people to reach out to their friends and family, and share treats and stories and smiles. It seems as if people have gotten away from socializing face to face, and hopefully these plates can be a part of reversing that trend.

Have you ever been to Rhode Island? My mom and dad lived there before I was born, when dad was in the Navy. When I was about 10, I was lucky enough to go on a family vacation there with dad and his new wife and kids. (The ones from Mass.) Oh my goodness, you should see the gorgeous and stately mansions in Providence. Dad talked about the parties and events and every time I think about RI I remember the tales of gracious entertaining. I'd love to take my hubby and kiddo there some day to show them the same things my dad showed me.

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