March 26, 2009

States - IL & NM

States - IL & NM, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

And of course, here is Illinois and New Mexico.

I have lots of friends in Illinois, and one very good friend in New Mexico.

One of my Illinois friends talks about going to family events. She's got a huge family and they all get together for birthdays and communions and anniversaries... and they have a great time. Think "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," only German Catholic instead of Greek. I need to send her one of these plates to circulate around her family. It'll be fun for them to see where the plate goes next and to share the stories of the plate's travels in the Plate Diary.

My friend in New Mexico is a long time friend whom I met in 4-H. She's now a doctor with a couple of dogs and one of those big Kitchen Aid mixers. Ok, you ask, what's the connection? I'm just pointing out that she's busy with her job and "family" but still uses her big mixer regularly to turn out cookies and bars and cakes and all kinds of amazing treats.

Then she brings them to work and gets scolded for trying to make her co-workers fat. I'll have to send her a couple plates that she can use to target her treats at people who don't complain and just happily eat her goodies... LOL

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