March 27, 2009

States - KS & SC

States - KS & SC, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

Seems like I have stories about every state...

While I've never personally been to either Kansas or South Carolina, one of my friends has relatives in Kansas that she talks about all the time. She tells stories about their Victorian farmhouse, oil drilling, the family gathering at a local cafe to spend the afternoon swapping stories and yarns, huge family BBQ parties in someone's backyard, and wishing she had enough vacation time from work to spend more time out there. She talks to one her Kansas cousins every week, and has been campaigning for them to come out here to Oregon for a visit, but with the oil drilling business it's hard to get away. Since it's so hard for the gals to get together, I should suggest that my friend send her Kansas cousin a plate. That way my friend can keep an eye on the plate diary and see the stories that grow as the plate travels from one cousin to another. Then she won't feel so left out of all the fun...

South Carolina is a beautiful place, I'm told. I have an aunt and uncle who moved there from San Francisco when they retired. They live on a golf course near the ocean. In the last Christmas card they sent, Aunt D wrote that they love it there and only wished they had moved to SC sooner. They have so many more friends there (she says they live in a very friendly community) that every day is almost like a vacation. Ok, they're retired, but I'm glad to hear they're loving it. She says the culture in SC is so much more relaxed and the Southern Hospitality is a real treat. I'll be sending her a plate with some kind of treat, too, that she can share with her friends.

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