March 30, 2009

MeeeOwww PlateWrap

This PlateWrap was made for The Lincoln County Animal Shelter in Newport, Oregon. We're donating the profits from the sale of these PlateWraps to the animal shelter.

Isn't it cute?

MeeeOwww with cookies, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

The backside of this bold PlateWrap has a yellow on yellow striped fabric.

(The cookies are not included, they're just on the plate for illustration purposes.)

We tried out a couple of different Pretty Little Doo Dads with this bold PlateWrap.

I love the bright *POP!* from the yellow gerbera against the funky Meow fabric.

Here we tried it with the beaded organza pouf. Isn't this fun? I think this is my favorite.

For more information about the Lincoln County Animal Shelter, please visit:

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