March 23, 2009

New PlateWrap - States

Isn't this a neat PlateWrap? This one is available in a limited edition, and was created in our Wisconsin studio. Each one of these PlateWraps feature different states, and this is just one example. I haven't seen all the PlateWraps made from this fabric, so I'd only be guessing that all 50 states are featured.

States, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

At this time, they're not listed on Etsy and are only available at craft shows and art fairs, but when we do list then on Etsy, I'll be sure to note which states are shown on the listed PlateWrap so you can choose the best one for your location.

Over the next few days I'll show you close up photos of the states on this particular PlateWrap so you can see the nice detail in the pictures of the state birds and state flowers...

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