March 2, 2009

Green Living Ideas

I realize the giveaway challenge may be a little tricky to figure out what would you (or someone) live more green, so here are some of my ideas:

This re-useable shopping bag from Yvonne Totes is gorgeous. I'm still guilty of using the bad bags and need to get myself some eco friendly bags for market day. This would make me a lot happier with my grocery shopping. Plus, this kind of bag won't flop all over the back of my car. I really don't care for cans of green beans rolling all over the place when I take a sharp corner. (And my hubby says I drive like I'm in roller derby, so you bet I have a lot of plastic bags spilling the goods on the way home.)


My daughter is interested in trying reuseable pads like these from Effie the Pixie . Don't tell anyone I mentioned it or she'll be mortified. This will not only keep yucky out of the landfills, but will prevent the dog from finding what we call "illegal snacks" in the bathroom while everyone's at work/school during the day. Of course, I'm not so sure I'll want to be washing these, but I'm sure we'd both get used to it. After all, the stuff we'd be washing out would be all natural...


Don't let the looks of this laundry detergent from Maylee's Garden fool you. I almost feel stupid pointing this out because it's so obvious and I can't believe I haven't already started using this myself. Libby, who makes the soap is one of my invisible friends (we met online and I read her blog regularly, so that makes us friends... only invisible, because I've never seen her. Get it?) Libby's soap is all vegan, all natural, and I don't know where she gets her scents but she has a HUGE variety of scents available. When I read the description, I was floored when she said that a tablespoon is all she needs to clean her mechanic husband's clothes and baby stains.

And this bag is only $3? And it smells great?

Pfhht. Where have I been?

Oh, and get this: she'll turn any of her bar soaps into laundry detergent, so if you have a particular favorite scent, she'll do it.


Ok. One more... The label on this kitchen and bathroom cleaner from the Green Family Tree cracks me up. I love Anne Taintor art and this reminds me of it. Anyway, I hate the chemical smell left behind from a lot of cleaning products, and when I'm done I wonder how it's going to go down the drain. An all natural cleaner that kills the bad stuff without killing the good stuff sure makes a lot of sense.

Bye bye, Mr. Clean... hellooo Abuelita Lidia!

So now that you've seen some of my ideas on what products help people live green, I can't wait to see what you come up with in your comments on this month's Big Green Giveaway!

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