July 26, 2008

Bottlecap Magnets

Maybe it's stalling or procrastinating.

Last Thursday I was making a bunch of Pretty Little Doo Dads and was busy making a bazillion hot pink bows. The glue gun was out and I became distracted by some bottle caps on the fridge.

Digging through a drawer, I found a handful of other bottle caps and a package of round magnets. Here is what I spent the next half hour making:

bottlecap magnets, originally uploaded by passitonplates.
I sent this package to a friend half way across the country. She said she likes beer, and she loves the magnets. (Hey Michelle, can you send me some Corona bottlecaps?)

Would you like to make some? Easy peasy.

1. Plug in your glue gun to heat it up.

2. While waiting for the glue to heat up, drink a bottle of pop for the cap. Or you can have a beer. Just make sure that if the cap is not the screw-off type it doesn't get warped by the bottle opener. Have you been collecting bottle caps for such a project? Go find em. We'll wait for you.

3. Pump about 3 or 4 triggers of glue into the bottle cap, and let cool until just barely firm. This will elevate the surface the magnet sits on so the magnet will be able to contact the surface you'll stick it to...
Like the fridge, as it holds up your grocery list...
...the list that reminds you to buy more pop. Or beer.

4. Squeeze a blob of glue to the magnet and carefully place it in the center of the cap. Be careful not to burn yourself as you hold it in the center. Use a toothpick if you're chicken. The magnet will want to slide to the rim and stick there. The rim is metal, after all. Push on the magnet, if necessary, to level it out.

5. When cool, stick it on the fridge. Or wherever. I stuck three to a card and sent it to my friend.



  1. These are such cool magnets. I didn't know beer came with such unique bottle caps. Guess now I will have to start drinking LOL!

  2. Well when you do, will you send me your caps?

    I asked Mr. Pass It On Plates to switch brands and stop drinking Deschutes beer because I have a ton of their maroon caps. Too bad Arrogant Bastard Ale is so spendy - they have great caps. (This Arrogant Bastard is the only one I have so far. Their 500mL bottle is about $6!)


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