July 18, 2008

Promotion Tip - Tell Etsy when you're mentioned

Over at Etsy, they have started an Etsy Press Club.
Jodie at Pretty Little Love Objects suggested letting Etsy know whenever you are mentioned in the press.

I checked into this and found a link to the new (as of January 2008) Etsy Press Club and also some info about how to let Etsy know when you're mentioned in the press.




  1. Oh thank you for this tip! I'm having a really hard time. I guess I have "Promotional Issues" (new term! Heard it hear first~((wink)))

    Thanks for sharing this. I've been featured on several other websites such as Wickedly Chic, and others. Think I should tell them that or just wait for my next online feature?? At any rate, Thanks! With gratitude, Laurie B.

  2. Thanks Laurie B!
    That's a good question. I'd suggest forwarding the info to Etsy In The Press and let them decide. It would be too bad to not mention it when they would be happy to recieve notice of the mention regardless of the date.

    I dug a little more into this and found the main Etsy In The Press page at http://www.etsy.com/storque/author/EtsyinthePress/

    Then I modified this post so the links are easy to click.

  3. Wonderful. Thanks!
    Ohhh, I'm trying to figure out Entrecard this evening and I am, so far, VERY unsuccessful....I can't wrap my brain around it...

  4. There are so many promotional tools out there that I haven't even looked at Entrecard yet. If you figure it out, will you share some tips with us?

    Also, check your Etsy - I convo'ed you with the interview questions!

  5. Hi! I sent back the answer about a week ago..via etsy convo...did you get them? Yikes! Hope I was able to get them sent okay...whew...
    if I figure out Entrecards, I'll let you know. So far...it's a nogo..

  6. Oh yeah... duh. I got it! :o)

    I'll let you know when your interview will be published.

    Have you signed up for Entrecard? Or are you exploring the thing first?

  7. Well, embarrassed to say...both....
    I signed up, and figured out the widget etc, but STILL don't understand the site....I've put a plea out to several different artists AND the site. I can't seem to find an overview anywhere....ugh

  8. Got er figured out! It's basically a place to organize reciprocal links. You create your entrecard and pin it to your blog. You can go to OTHER bloggers who have entrecards and "drop" on them. That gets listed in their Entrecard in box. So, they go to that, and reciprocate drops to all that have droped their card. By doing this you build credits. Once you have enough credits, you can "purchase" advertising spots on participating sites that offer advertising. I notice Posh Mama is one of them but the cost of their adversising says "too expensive"....You can also actually PURCHASE credits through paypal....At any rate. I'm getting up to speed now. I just had to figure out the premise and then it wasn't too hard to make the leaps....Looks like they are a good webcrawler tool but time will tell....


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