July 12, 2008


Scissors, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

Purple spring loaded sewing shears and green pinking shears are my favorites, along with a hefty pair I picked up at Ikea.

My daughter is a lefty and the spring loaded ones and Ikea shears seem to work well for her, but other non-left-handed scissors are impossible when she needs to cut something.

Anyway, the purple and green ones both get used a LOT on sewing days.

Do you have a favorite pair of scissors? Comment here and share!


  1. Hi Pam. In answer to your question on my blog, please be my guest. I'm going to be away from the 14th to the 23rd of July, with very limited computer access. So if you don't hear from me...that's why.

  2. Oh My! I just saw that you are located at the flea market in Hayward! I used to work for Barb Linton, who was the Representative for your area for years! We LOVED Hayward when we traveled up there...and Copper Falls, Schwamagan (sp?) National Forest, etc..just beautiful to behold. I've always wanted to get some land up there! Well, this had nothing to do with the post but I just had to mention it! With gratitude, Laurie B.

  3. Pam, yes that Mt Tabor. We moved 5 yrs ago across the river for better schools. Our home was a 1912, but had been in my husbands family for 35 yrs. It was in great shape, but the kitchen was hideous. Miss my claw foot tub.

  4. Laurie, that is pretty funny. My mom is the one at the Hayward booth, and I'm pretty sure she knows Barb Linton. I grew up on the edge of the Chequamegon forest. (You had the phonetics spelled right!)

    For a little bit more about where I grew up, check out tomorrow's post. I'm still snickering over part about the bathtub. (Mary doesn't have a bathtub out here in Oregon.)


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