July 9, 2008

Despite my cute girly plates...

... I have a very dark and warped sense of humor.
(No, I really don't know how to carry that over to my plates or PlateWraps. Any suggestions??)

Anyhoo, I was poking around the internet, as usual, and found this interesting local LA area blog called Franklin Avenue. It piqued my interest since I lived near Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis off and on for 13 years, and I was hoping it would be the same diverse street. Nope.

I LOVE their toy store photos. "Lost" is great but I especially love the one with the sharks doing a little demo of their own.

Showing off what sharks were best known for.

Back in 1974.

You have got to see this: Franklin Avenue - Lost in San Luis Obispo



  1. I just checked out your etsy store and I love the idea of Pass It On Plates! This is brilliant!!!


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