July 5, 2008

Laundry tags

What's the laundry situation like at your house? Do you have baskets of dirty and clean sitting on the floor, waiting for a little action? Well, I hate to admit it, but we do. We're all so darned busy that sometimes laundry has to wait.

Problem is, sometimes I grab a load and start folding it only to realize that the top half is clean and the bottom half is dirty. Eww. Guess someone emptied the dryer into a basket of what they thought was clean laundry.

While waiting for inspiration to hit before digging into a big project (with a deadline, I might add) I made up some laundry tags. The glue gun was already heated up, so it was quick and easy.

Laundry tag back side, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

There were several wooden oval discs in a craft drawer, so I placed some self-stick scrapbooking paper on one, edged it with a black sharpie, then hand lettered the word "Dirty" on the disc. A line of hot glue on a clothes pin on the backside and Voila! Something I could clip to the top sock on a basket of dirties so there's no question what's in the basket.

Dirty laundry tag, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

When the mood strikes, I think I'll make up some Clean tags in a different color. Maybe tagging the laundry will help get it taken care of faster. I can't tell you how many times the hubs has pointed to a basket of something and asked, "Clean or dirty?" Maybe if he knows what's clean he'd be more apt to fold it and put it away. ...Nah, who am I kidding?

Anyway, the tags have helped me see what's what. Wonder what else could benefit from these kinds of tags? Hmmmm... Maybe I could tag bath towels when we have overnight guests. (We only have one bathroom with one towel bar in our tiny apartment.)

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