July 20, 2008

New PlateWrap!

My friend Susan wanted a Pass It On Plates made with a special fabric so she could take it to a family wedding in California. I told her I'd see what I have and went home and looked through my fabric collection. (Please tell me you're not surprised to hear that I have a pretty huge fabric collection.)

This lovely sheer fabric with squares slid out of the stack and I knew that was the one. I cut up and sewed the entire piece of fabric and have a total of four PlateWraps made from this sheer bit of lovely. Look - you can see the chocolate chip cookies and flying plate logo through the PlateWrap. It really is so pretty.

Sheer white squares, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

The back band is a white-on-white calico and I was careful to use white and neutral threads when sewing it so the stitching would not be so obvious if seen through the sheer top.

Sheer white squares back, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

Susan wanted her sheer fabric on a red plate because the wedding colors are red and white. I'll share a picture of her plate in a couple days - I just wanted to show you how nice this turned out. Oh, and the black thing behind the bow is the paint pen that travels with each plate. The pen could be pinned to the inside of the white band on the back if you want to hide it.

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